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My youngest son turned seven years old today. All he wanted for his birthday was The Batcave Lego set. I obliged.

But he wanted something else.

So the day of his birthday donned a sunny day. Our one sunny day sandwiched between two solid weeks of rain. I took the day off of work so that I could be with him to celebrate his birthday. I had plans of taking him to the zoo, out to lunch…it would be our adventure…let’s go!

Doing up the day my way.

He wanted to stay home to play with his new Legos.

“But it’s sunny out. Let’s go to the zoo,” I urge.

My son was perfectly happy building. All day long.

“I’m fine right here,” he insists. Giddy amidst bricks and instruction booklets.

Well, whaddya know. My baby boy is no baby anymore. While he wants to play all day, he is old enough to know what he likes and wants to do with his time. We parents need to listen to our kids. They deserve it.

Happy birthday baby boy young man!

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He is adorable! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our idea of a perfect day and theirs isn’t always the same!

Especially when they develop into their own people. I need to step back sometimes and encourage independence. It’s hard!

Thanks for writing,

What a long attention span! Good for him for finding something he loves.

Yes, he is really in his bliss when he is playing with Legos.

Thanks for writing!

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