How to Get That Frumpy Look in 3 Easy Steps


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Frump frump frumpety frump.

Wondering how you too can achieve the frump look? It’s really easy.

  1. A t-shirt that you’ve had for ages. This one I’ve had for 19 years. I got it from the bar Carlos O’Brien’s in Puerta Vallarta on my honeymoon. Sentimental. Super soft from a gazillion washings. And who doesn’t like frogs wearing clothes?
  2. Jammy pants. Any type will work. But print ones are best. These have penguins with headphones. How can you resist?
  3. Polar fleece. Finish off the look with a polar fleece hoody. You know, the kind your teen says you look like a dork in? Yeah that one.

You’re set! See how easy that was? Now you’re ready to drop off your kids at school and run into all the glam mothers or go grocery shopping. You can thank me later.


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Haha! No thanks 😉 I’ll stick to my leggings, socks, moccasins, and man sweatshirt 😛

Yeah, I saw a pic. So what do you call that look?


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