How Much Do You Think I Paid For This? (Guess High)


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You like the high guessers.

You know when you buy something that’s a really good deal and you say to your friend, “Guess how much this shirt was?”

And you want your friend to say, “Hmm. $100?”

You say, “Less.”

She says, “$80?”

You say, “Less.”

Until finally, you break the wonderful news…you scored the shirt for $8!

See? High guessing reinforces what a smart shopper you are! And shows what a good friend you have for validating you.

So the other day, I tell my nine-year-daughter when she’s opening a can of fruit cocktail to be careful because those lids are sharp and you can cut yourself. I showed her the scar on my thumb from opening a can of beans. I told her that it bled for hours (indeed, it did….skin was flapping…I could feel my heartbeat in my thumb…yikes!)

She asks “How much blood did you lose? 30 percent?”

Ah, I LOVE this child. She’s a high guesser. SHE will do well in life being a good friend.

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In kind of the same vein, always guess LOW when someone asks how old you think they are. Nothing worse than being 38 and someone says, “Oh, wow, I thought you were in your 40s.” Then they try to cover by saying, “Oh, no, you don’t look like you’re in your 40s. It’s just that you have a 19-year-old.” Mmhmm.

Absolutely! Guess low when guessing a woman’s age. It’s just, like, the rule of life.

And, ha, I laugh at the back-pedaling and watching people squirm a little.

Oh, but guess high when guessing a child’s age. They seem to hate it when you think they look younger. I always add a few years–or 5–just for safe measure. 🙂


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