Have We Lost Our Manners?


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Have we gotten too busy or too self-focused to remember our manners and practice simple acts of decency to one another?

  • Hold the door for the person behind you.

I was walking into a department store and held the door open for an elderly woman. She took awhile to get there. So long that I could have pounded out a few tweets. But I stood there patiently. And didn’t let the door hit her in the face, like some people do. She was so grateful and thanked me for about five minutes. Seriously?

  • When someone is merging onto the freeway and the lane is running out, let them in, for goodness sake.

I am always running late. Driving late. Whatever. But if someone is trying to get onto the freeway, chances are, they are also running late. Must you get ahead of them? Or perhaps, let them merge in front of you. Not only is it the nice thing to do, it’s kinda the law.

  • When at the grocery store and your cart is overflowing, let the guy with three items go in front of you.

Chances are, he is purchasing a frozen pizza, Pop Tarts, and beer. It’s probably urgent that he get home to party. What’s a few extra minutes? It’ll give you the chance to read more about The Kardashians.

  • When in line at the deli and the person cuts in front of you, let her go first, even if you KNOW you were there first.

Do you really need to make a stink about it? An elderly woman made a bee line for the deli counter and clearly cut in front of me. She was in a hurry to order a pound of potato salad, apparently. I was about to say something, but didn’t. Maybe she had poor eyesight? Maybe this was her last potato salad? Or maybe she had lost her manners?

One word for ya: K-A-R-M-A.

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Comments (10)

Well said – wish the whole world were more like you!

Aw, shucks. You are even nicer than I am. 🙂


I agree, sadly it’s like that here too across the Pacific 🙁

Awesome Pip, I love it!

That’s SO true Pippi! Why are some people so WUDE!!!

But I bet you have enough manners to go around, huh?


Thank you, kind gentleman!


So that we nice people can step in, I guess.



Some people are just dicks. I try not to be one.


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