The Friendly Pharmacist = Awkward


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I live in a smallish town where the neighborhood pharmacist knows me by name.

It’s quite nice to be greeted by name. But a little awkward too. Because it means that the friendly pharmacist knows my prescriptions. My ailments. My illnesses.

And he knows about my rash.

So the other day while I’m out grocery shopping, he calls out rather loudly, “Hi Pippi! How are you? How is your rash?”

Awkward. A little privacy, will ya? Let’s keep the rash on the down low, shall we. As if I want all of aisle 8 to know…

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HIPAA? Anyone, anyone?

No freaking kidding. Did he totally violate the HIPAA patient privacy rule? Putting me in danger of ridicule in aisle 8?

But the good news is, the rash is: GONE.


I’m glad though Singapore is small, it’s not a small town! lol

Do drop by my blog to read about what everyone shares on what works for their child’s eczema 🙂

Then maybe you’ll be spared those embarrassing shout outs!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ha Ha! That’s hilarious!!

Let it be known that the rash is now gone. Whew! Thankyouverymuch.


A few years ago my partner was buying condoms in a well known UK pharmacy chain. The guy at the till held the pack aloft, & announced in the campest of tones, “Hey can someone check! I think these are on special offer: 3 for 2!”!
Red faces all round.

To cap it all the till guy was featured two weeks ago in our local paper in a column about “well known local residents”!

A little discretion would be lovely!

It’s like the grocery store clerk seeing that you’re purchasing junk food and she goes, “someone is having a PMS party.” Nice.

Thanks for writing!

I totally feel for you. I had a family physician – he never mentioned anything in public, but some of the comments he’d made during my appointments were way too much TMI! People, there is a thing as taking friendly service TOO far!

Yeah, sometimes you just don’t want friendly. 🙂

Thanks for writing,

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