Home Alone…And Loving It!


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When was the last time you were home alone? And didn’t do work (work work, housework, work out)?

Just some “me” time?

I had a few hours–home alone–one evening this week. No children. No husband.

Here is what I did:

  • Read the April issue of Martha Stewart Living cover to cover.
  • Watched My Week With Marilyn.
  • Painted my nails purple.
  • Had a nice call with my mother.
  • Tried on some new outfits.
  • Even dozed off for a bit.

In one word: Bliss.

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Comments (2)

I can see you’re happy. I note you didn’t mention sucking whipped cream from a can. Did it happen secretly? 🙂

I was out of whipped cream!

Need to add to my grocery list!


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