Stink Eye On the Plane


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Have you ever boarded an airplane with your baby/children in tow and have the other passengers give you the:

  • Stink eye
  • Eye roll
  • Exasperated sigh

Sheesh. When you are traveling with children, it’s bad enough that their little ears get aggravated by the altitude, that babies are impossible to change in the tiny airplane bathrooms (I can barely fit my own fat ass in there), and little children need constant activities: books, mazes. stickers, video games, snacks, drawing.

Oops. The crayons drop and roll all the way to the back of the plane.

When a child travels, the child deserves respect. And so does his mother.

Who says the extra-large guy who takes up more than his share of the seat is any better? You know, the guy who hangs over the arm rest and spills onto YOUR side?

So, the next time you are boarding the airplane and you and your children get the stink eye, eye roll, or exasperated sigh, just smile back.


Maybe the stink eye-givers will get hit with the 24-hour flu bug and need their in-flight barf bag.

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That guy’s crack must be awfully sore after a long haul flight. The seat belt extensions will be needed I’m sure.

Oh, we are taking our two girls (4 and 2) on a three hour flight this summer. Their first airplane ride ever. I’m a little more than terrified and am expecting all of those mentioned above to be directed toward us. Let the good times roll. :o)

I’m kinda glad I wasn’t squeezed in next to him. He might steal my peanuts and pretzels!


People can be so mean to others. Just hold your head up high and be sure to pack lots of snacks, books, activities, more snacks, and extra clothes. Ya never know when turbulence makes their apple juice spill or oops, they peed their pants.

Good luck!

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