When the Shit Hits the Fan


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When the shit hits the fan.

All parents have been there.

It’s when you are overworked. And the kids are fighting. And everyone is starving but the last thing you feel like doing is to cook. And you feel a sore throat coming on. And it’s time for homework. And the dog just did the rub-its-butt-on-the-carpet move. And the house is a mess.

And then, your youngest child vomits on the sofa. That’s when the shit hits the fan.

Yeah that.

But imagine if you actually put some shit in front of a box fan. And how the shit particles would fly into all the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. That would be, uh, disgusting. And quite overwhelming and gaggy to clean up.

So the next time your life is feeling overwhelmingly crazy, better hide the box fan.

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You’d really stir up a stink

I am not even sure how to reply to this blog post! Eww.

I just like the metaphor. And when I think things are really crappy, I just imagine the metaphor coming to life and think “it could be worse.”


Take care,

No doubt! Gagalicious!

Thanks for stopping by!

It’s such a scary thought isn’t it!!

Yes! When you think that nothing can get any worse, it can!

Thanks for writing,

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