Spider Removal? I’m Your Gal


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When an eight-legged creature visits our home, I take action.

This is when agility and speed come into play.

Quick! Get a glass! Get a tall chair! Get a piece of paper!

These unwanted creatures usually like to hang out on the ceiling. And stare at you. And if you don’t move quickly enough, they move. To a corner. Or worse, behind the bed.

And–yikes–could it drop down on me? No fear. I envision the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web to get me through this. Who doesn’t love that book? It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Scoop the spider into the glass. Shake shake, until the spider drops down to the bottom. Put the paper on the top of the glass. And run. Run as fast as you can to the backyard. Where you empty the spider into the grass…far, far from the house. Then you scour the glass. And your hands.

And you breathe a sigh of relief that you saved your family. Again.

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Comments (8)

You are so kind to the spider….

Spiders are people too. Well, not really.

Ha ha!

I release spiders and various critters back into the wild, too, when I can. Well done, brave guardian!

See I don’t think I’d have the guts to get close enough to get the spider INTO a glass! Or if I did, I’d probably drop the glass once it was in it…
Useless. I find a thong smacked against one works well…

I try to use the very tallest glass I can find and run like hell outside. Usually freaking out the whole way.

Thanks for writing,

I need to sleep without the guilt. 🙂

Now you have me curious about the other critters you release!

spiders and roaches I can deal with, what I can’t deal with are the geckos! We have tons in our yard!

Wow, geckos! We don’t have those. Do they crawl into the house?

Thanks for writing,

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