Children Will Be Children…Even When You Take Them To Work


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It turned out that I needed to bring my six-year-old son to work because there were no other babysitting options. I work in a smallish office in a fancy schmancy loft space in the hip part of town.

Where people don’t bring their children.

Realizing this, I told my son to please pack a backpack full of toys that he could quietly play with.

So, I’m in a meeting and he’s in the corner unzipping his backpack. What did he pack?

A kazoo.

A Zsu Zsu Pet.

And maracas.

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Hahahahahaha. I am seriously laughing out loud at my desk right now. Which is almost bad as bringing maracas to a meeting. But not as bad as a Zsu Zsu pet.

My daughter has a church purse that is SUPPOSED to contain things like a notebook and crayons, small toys like Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop…QUIET THINGS.

Week after week we sit down at church and I have to take her purse and confiscate things like the FurReal pet with real meowing action, the random noisemakers from party goody bags, and a tiny tin jewelry box filled with pennies. Seriously.

Ha ha! The quiet church purse. Love it!

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