Graffiti On My NEW Table?


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So we bought a new table for our kitchen. A cheerful, round, made-in-India table. The kind of table you want to gather around to eat toast with jam. Or play Monopoly.

Then one morning–to my surprise–I spotted a child’s initials perfectly carved into the wood. MY child’s. A mere two weeks after purchasing and welcoming the table into our home. When asked who did this, there was denial. But it was kinda obvious. Because the initials didn’t lie.

And it was kinda funny. Toast with jam can still be eaten on this marked table. Monopoly can still be played.

Our kitchen table remains a cheerful place despite its, uh, new tattoo.

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Photo Please! Would love to see your new purchase and the initials! 🙂

That’s so funny, my youngest did the same thing when she was four years old. She carved her whole name on one of the wooden kitchen chairs with her fork.

Of course she denied it too. She wasn’t old enough to realize she should have carved her sibling’s name instead to throw us off track.

I can still see her name faintly on the chair. I love that chair–so many memories. =)

How old is the young Banksy?

And thank goodness that kid has such a cool Mama!

SHE is nine. And knows better!

Ha ha,

I love that you have memories of that chair. What was once a “you did that?!” probably is laughable now.

Those kids. 🙂

Thanks for writing,

No way! That would incriminate the guilty! The initials are perfectly legible!


True story: when I was a child, and my younger brother was just learning to write his name, I took his crayons and wrote HIS name, SLOPPILY, all over our kitchen table, just to get him into trouble.

So don’t rule out the possibility of a frame job.

(I was a brat.)

Oooh! Is it in a super obvious spot? Like smack dab in the center of the table top? Or was she more covert and placed it on the inside of a leg or underneath the top?

It also reminded me of the time my brother used blue spray paint to write ‘Mom is a Bag’ in 2′ high letters on the back side of our barn when we were kids.

It’s in a total obvious spot. Carved in. Like with a knife! Sheesh. And yikes!

Your brother wrote THAT? No dinner for him!

Thanks for writing!

Ah, so you think one of my kids was framed? I need to watch more C.S.I.

Thanks for sharing. Did you ever confess? 🙂

Only as an adult. 🙂 My poor brother.

I’m sure he retaliated in his own way!


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