Got Snowglobes?


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Uh, no. I don’t. See, you can’t bring your kids home snowglobes–even 3 inch ones–when you go on vacation anymore. At least you can’t get through airport security with them.

So when your little guy is hoping for a snowglobe from New York City like in the movie Elf? He’s outta luck. Because the mean lady at airport security confiscated them and smashed them in the trash.

So he’ll have to settle for a Statue of Liberty you bought in Terminal B for $9.99.

Because, well, you can’t cry over smashed snowglobes.

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Comments (4)

Aw, your snowglobes broke my heart, no pun intended. Dirty look at airport security intended. How did you get that photo? Ellen

They let us take the picture but we couldn’t touch anything.

Let me just say that I was a little bit persnickety with airport security. I mean, really.

Thanks for writing!

That is fucked up. Jerks! (I love snow globes.)

Yeah. I kinda wanted to spit in their faces. But then I might have ended up with a cavity search.


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