Yup, I’m A Little Bit Redneck


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With names like Grave Digger, King Krunch, USA, Obsessed, Tasmanian Devil, and Titan, how can you NOT want to hoot and holler at the Monster Truck rally?

Who goes to the rally…giddier than her six-year-old son in tow? Pippi

Who woohoos when the monster trucks pummeled over smashed cars? Pippi.

Who shouts “GO GRAVE DIGGER!!” when the famous truck turned on its engine and the headlights glowed red in the darkened stadium with George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone blaring? Pippi.

I admit it. I like me some big trucks.

Yup. I’m proud to be THAT Mom. Because the ginormous Monster Truck rally only rolls around once a year.


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