Pippi Goes to the Dentist


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Health, Humor | Posted on 14-02-2012

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Where else can you go for an hour, lie back on the cushioned chair–donning over-sized sunglasses and a paper bib–and take a nap in the middle of the day?

Where else can you listen to On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osborne and hear the drill buzzing through someone’s cavity in the room next door?

Except for all of the questions while your mouth is open, the dentist is pure relaxation. I wish dental hygienists would ask you as you lie down, “would you like to chit-chat today or take a little nap while I scrape and poke your teeth?”

Oh and I prefer to floss my own teeth. Having someone else do it is just…awkward.

But I like when they hand you a brand-new toothbrush, travel-sized toothpaste, and miniature dental floss. It’s like your prize. It’s kinda like going to a dental-themed kid’s birthday party and getting a goody bag!

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