Looks Can Be Deceiving


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A woman, with a severely deformed face, works at my kids’ elementary school. She is the recess teacher.

When you first look at her, she catches you off guard. Her eyes aren’t quite right. Her face droops. And you kinda stare. This woman looks like a Picasso painting.

But then your humanity and manners kick in. Perhaps she has a severe deformity from a horrible accident? Or she has elephantitis?

Why did the school hire THIS person? Actually, I think it’s great.

What a way to teach kids that everyone is different. And that looks can be deceiving.

My daughter told me the other day, “Mom, she is really nice. You can’t judge someone by their looks. Looks can be deceiving.”

Wow. My nine-year-old is wiser than her years.

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Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

Yes they are! I am amazed on a daily basis.

Thanks for writing,

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