Time to Wax the Lorax Lip?


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If your brows are looking a little bushy. And your upper lip is looking a little moustache-y. You might be rocking the Lorax look.

And if you live in Lorax land, you’ll fit right in. By I live in the Land of Milk and Honey. And we don’t let our women look Lorax-y.

So it might be time to waxy your Lorax-y.

Pippi visited the scary wax lady today. Scary because ya don’t really want to come out looking like Tammy Faye. But when they greeted me like Grandmother greeted the wolf, with “My what bushy eyebrows you have,” I knew I was in for a waxalicious treat.

She used so much wax, I thought it was it was Hanukkah.


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