Shit Happens.


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I am reminded of a little story. A few years ago, I was walking to a meeting with a high-powered client. I was walking quickly, taking a short cut through the grass because I don’t want to be late!

Once seated at the table, in the meeting–me with five men–ready for our high-powered business talk…I smell something.

Whoopsidaisy, it’s me.

I had stepped in dog shit. And my shoe was covered in it. (If my dog poops, it’s called poop. When I step in another dog’s poop, it’s called shit.)

Do I play it off and pretend I didn’t step in dog shit? The smell is starting to emanate, permeate.

I excused myself. Bolted to the restroom. Washed off my shoe in the sink (gross). And walked back to the meeting, playing it cool, pretending as if nothing happened.

Shit happens.

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