Got Wrinkles? Yeah. Shut the Front Door!


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So, I go to the Lancome make-up counter during my lunch break to buy some new eyeshadow.

The make-up girl was unhelpful and a little rude. She boldly suggests that I try the intense anti-wrinkle serum…for extreme wrinkles. Extreme wrinkles?! “Maybe you should try the intense anti-wrinkle serum,” she suggests.

Dude! I know I’ve got some wrinkles around the eyes. Don’t you think I see them every day? Dude! I have big cheeks that go up when I smile and laugh. Too much LOLing, I guess.

I don’t need an orangey-tanned make-up sales tot reminding me. Uh, maybe you should try a college education?

I am reminded of the classic scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates gets “Towanda” power and bashes into the young woman’s car in the parking lot, exclaiming “I’m older and I have more insurance.” Ugh. Have I turned into Kathy Bates?

Maybe next time, I’ll just visit my gesties (gay besties) at the MAC make-up counter. At least they don’t say mean things to my wrinkled face.

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Dude. Revenge is necessary. You are gorgeous & perfect as is. Period.

Oh, wow, you say the nicest things!

Revenge as in spitting in her Diet Coke?

Thanks for the nice words and encouragement, Dude!

I had a similar experience recently. I was getting a facial, and the technician first gave me a consultation that included about $20,000 worth of ‘work’ on my face to make it perfect. She pointed out every flaw and wrinkle. It made me feel ugly and old! I was so deflated. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to that clinic.

Seriously? Why do people find it acceptable to pick on others and put them down and try to make them feel unworthy? When it comes to beauty/aging, I think it is a form of “beauty bullying.” Let’s live our lives and not pick ourselves apart or others!

And yeah, that clinic can shove it.

Thanks for sharing!

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