“I Don’t Have Time For Twitter”


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Do you ever hear people say, “Twitter?? I don’t have time for Twitter. How do YOU find time for Twitter?!” (And they say it all condescending like.)


You don’t HAVE time for Twitter? Or you don’t MAKE time for Twitter?

In our crazy-busy-complicated lives, we need connections. We need friends. I make time for Twitter because:

  • I make friends all over the world. Literally. United States, Canada, Ireland, England, France, Malaysia, Australia.
  • I connect with people with similar interests and have real conversations (short ones) about family life chaos, poop talk, motherhood juggling and jiggling, and stuff.
  • I can be myself. Others don’t judge, but instead, offer support and give validation.
  • I LOL every single day.

I have found that my Twitter friends say the nicest things. Check out some Tweets:

@samminicho: How is my favourite American lady this evening.  I adore your smile, it always brightens my day. XXX

@LulyShahabudin: I think ur a fantastic mom.

@TheBernieBrand: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…PIPPI IS A LEGEND!!!

@donovanshaw: #youmakemesmileeveryday

@thatgirl815 I think you’re just the greatest!!!

Gosh, with nice Tweeps like those, how can you go wrong?

So if you don’t have time for Twitter, well, it #suckstobeyou.

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I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true!! Mwah! Bx

Aw, you’re the best! And I don’t lie. (Except about hiding spinach in the spaghetti sauce.)


Twitter is FAST and EASY. Just open an app on your phone, type something out, and you’re done in less than two minutes. What I don’t understand is the people who have time to sit around on Facebook all day commenting on everything they see or playing games.

Yeah, I don’t get all the games on FB unless you’re like retired. I do feel compelled to like everybody’s pics of their kids. It’s kinda FB etiquette. #yawn

Thanks for writing!

Just saw your tweet “Burping up Brocolli.” hmmmm

Yeah, lovely. Huh?!

Did I gross you out?

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