8 Jokes for Kids


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Hardy har har. I’m a sucker for kid jokes. Here are some of my favorites that I stole from the book Jokelopedia:

  1. Why is your face green? Because you have a head of lettuce.
  2. What’s big and white and lives on Mars? A martian-mallow.
  3. Why didn’t the prawn share his dessert? He was shellfish.
  4. Why don’t monsters eat clowns? They taste funny.
  5. What’s brown and sticky? A stick.
  6. Why did the car stink? It had too much gas.
  7. Why should a skeleton drink lots of milk? It’s good for the bones.
  8. What do sharks eat for dinner? Fish and ships.

Tell me one of your favorites and I’ll do a round-up for another post. Don’t leave me hanging!


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