Don’t Judge That Mother…She Just Needs a Hand, Or Some Wipes


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I went out to lunch and I encountered a mother in the restaurant’s restroom who was at wit’s end. She was yelling at her four-year-old to stay RIGHT THERE. She was battling the blow-out her two-year-old made, forcing her to throw away the entire poop-covered outfit in the trash and to use paper towels to wipe up the mess. Then she proceeded to wrap her child in a paper towel “skirt” because she didn’t have a change of clothes.

Been there? I have. And it nearly brings you to tears.

Don’t judge that mother for yelling. Yelling happens. Don’t judge her for forgetting her baby wipes. Chances are she used them all up. Don’t judge her for throwing away clothes. Who would want to bring home poop-covered overalls? Don’t judge her for not bringing a change of clothes. Chances are, she did and this was the second blow-out of the day. Poop happens.

I felt sorry for her. I handed her the baby wipes I keep in my purse. I ask, “Do you want these?” = “I know what you’re going through.”

She said, “Yes, that would be great. Thank you sooooo much.” = “Thanks for understanding me and not judging.”

Who would’ve known the power of the baby wipe?

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I ran out of wipes once while changing DS3 in the restroom and the lady next to us offered some but I didn’t want her to run out either and fortunately there was a toilet paper roll right next to the changing table so I used that.

But yes, don’t judge.

Those that judge haven’t been there…and may very well get there one day… 😉

You are kind. I can just tell!

Thanks for writing and sharing your experience!

Yup I’ve “been there”!

My friend once had to take her small baby daughter home in a supermarket carrier bag, head sticking out the top, as poop totally everywhere.

Me too! Mothers need a hand or sympathy. Not judgement.

Thanks for writing!

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