Get Your Mammogram, Yo!


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Whether you have breasts like nectarines, onions, or butternut squash (no judgement here)–or somewhere in between–experts recommend getting a mammogram starting at age 40. Or earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer.

Here’s a good link with facts about how mammograms save lives.

I had a mammogram just the other day.

Let me tell you, it was fun!

Well, maybe not fun fun, as in let’s-go-have-some-margaritas fun, but definitely not bad. Here’s what happens:

1. You take off your clothes on top, wipe off your deodorant, and put on a lovely gown with a snap (oh and openings on the side, so you really hang out).

2. In the imaging room, the mammogram technician helps place one of your breasts onto the platter. And you grab onto the handle while this machine smashes your breast flat as a pita, while the technician clicks an image (maybe to put on Facebook?) and tells you to hold your breath for like 3 seconds. Easy peasy.

3. Repeat on the other side. You don’t want that breast to feel left out.

4. Then you do a side breast smash for each breast. Click (say cheese).

5. Then you’re done.

6. It takes about 8 minutes for the procedure altogether. And you have the chance to chit-chat with the technician while you’re standing there with your snap unsnapped and your breasts are hanging out. #awkward

But no pain, just a little pressure. You can handle it! Schedule your mammogram today. And when you do, tell them Pippi sent you.

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Very cute!! I just had my yearly done a few months ago! Great message to get post about.

Well done, Pippi! Great reminder. And awesome photos. 🙂

Aw, thanks! The technician told me that women are freaked out to go, so I had to tell peeps that it’s not so bad. Just a little embarrassing, especially with those cotton snappy shirt-gowns.


Yah, good for you! I think we can all help each other to be kind to our bodies.

Thanks for writing!

Awwww, but the snazzy little gowns are my favorite part!!!! Great post (as always)!!! 😉

I know you rock the little cotton gown with the snap. Woohoo!


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