5 Body Changes With Babies


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I made three babies. And I have had five unexpected body changes as a result:

  1. Bigger feet. Yep, they grew a half a size. Time to go shoe shopping!
  2. Belly roll. Gotta tuck it into my jeans.
  3. Jaw that clicks. Giving birth to one of my children resulted in my jaw clicking and popping. Permanently.
  4. Breasts. Breasts permanently increased a full cup size. Woohoo! But now they require a fork lift.
  5. Heart bursting with love. Enough said.

Change is good.




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Comments (6)

My boobs go back down to their original size, if not a cup smaller… & need some tape to tuck 😉

My changes…

#1 – friends told me it would happen, but I think mine stayed the same

#2 – same here

#3 – my jaw clicks too but I think it’s from stuff that I ate

#4 – Everyone told me it gets smaller!!! I’m currently nursing so yeah, it’s bigger, but I know it’s only temporary…lol!

#5 – SO TRUE =)

Your jaw clicks too? What did you eat? 🙂 I clenched my jaw so much during “pushing” that I actually had to go to physical therapy after giving birth to my daughter. I can make my jaw click on command, kinda like a party trick. My breasts did get smaller (they were way too big for my taste at the height of breastfeeding), but still bigger than before babies.

Thanks for sharing!

Good thing there are amazing bras than can help us out with hidden wires and padding and panels, huh?


Are you trying to tell us your pregnant again? I hope I hope!!!!!! 🙂

Nah, three is just fine.

Nice try!

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