Sewing With Dumb and Dumber


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I thought I would be writing about how my daughter and I are Dumb and Dumber when it comes to sewing.

Our sewing journey began with my nine-year-old daughter receiving a sewing machine for Christmas. We set it up on the dining room table and there it sat. Staring at me.


Then, one day I sat with my daughter to get it going. I had high hopes we would make an amazing creation. That day. Wrong. It took two hours just to learn to thread the damn thing. Reading and following how-to manuals is not my strength.


The sewing machine sat on the dining room table for another week.


Then we sat down ready to take on a sewing project. After 120 minutes, we created a bag. Hey, we’re getting the hang of it!

Then the next week, we sat down together. And made our version of an Ugly Doll.

We are not the Dumb and Dumber of Sewing after all. I am just impatient and was expecting to make a prom dress my first try. But after trying and screwing up and laughing and being creative, we are no longer Dumb and Dumber. We are Proud and Prouder.



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This is SUCH a great topic!! I have a few thoughts:I hate bad taitsng food. I don’t want my food to taste like cardboard. And I love to cook. But all that butter yikes. So I decided to invest in a reputable low-fat type cookbook awhile ago. I bought The Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter’s Cookbook. Hate the name, LOVE the cookbook. All the recipes I’ve tried out of that book I’ve liked (and we cook from it multiple times a week). The way they cook in that book has helped me look at some of my favorite non-diet recipes and make them a little more weight wise. And ya know what? They still taste good too! Take that Dr. Phil!!I was reading recently about weight loss surgery (which scares the tuna salad out of me, by the way). What makes it so effective is that the people CAN’T consume as many calories as they did before the surgery. Why can’t that principle work in normal life (without scary life-altering surgical procedures)? I think most people have a pretty good idea how much they eat during the day. So just scale back a touch. You don’t have to count calories per say, just don’t eat a second helping at lunch or have one less granola bar and something else or whatever. Scaling back a little (I aim for 250-500 calories less a day give or take since I don’t count them) and you’ll start to see results. I totally agree with Blackbird. My Aunt is a nutritionist. Her job is to help people loss weight. One of her cardinal rules (and she uses it herself) is don’t bring it in the house. So smart. Yet so hard to do at times!Awhile ago I posted about Blogging to Lose Weight. While my post was for fun, this has actually been a principle that has worked for me. Along with scaling back, I try to spend as little time around food (i.e., in the kitchen) as possible hard to graze if you’re not in the field. Blogging is a great excuse to be upstairs away from the smells of food. Ah, the benefits of the blog!!Sorry this was so long

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