6 Fun Memories From Pippi-the-Kid


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6 childhood memories…do you remember these?

  1. The Love Boat. One of my favorite shows was The Love Boat. Drama. Love. Cheesalicious! Oh and I had a haircut like Vicky.
  2. Ouija Board. Remember playing Ouija with your girlfriends late an night at slumber parties? “Does so-and-so like me?” “Who is going to kiss me?” “Who is going to die next?” And then it would start to get creepy and you’d start freaking out?
  3. Simon. I held a record. I think it was 60 in a row. Genius, I tell ya.
  4. Making pot holders from a loom. I spent hours weaving with my little loom, making, uh, very useful and colorful pot holders out of polyester loops.
  5. Fruit Stripe gum. Five fruitastically yummy flavors. Then you would chew the whole pack up at once and create a gray glob.
  6. Lite Bright. The magic of light! Enough said.

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