Lego Organization? How About Organizing a Lego “Mixer”?


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Legos Schmegos.

I have a six-year-old son who is very into Legos. And I was reading about the amazingly deluxe storage units mothers are buying their kids to organize their Legos. Why? So their little boys can be highly organized? Reds with reds. Blues with blues. Tires with tires. Minifigures with minifigures. (I saw this and was like yikes!)

Instead, how about playing the dating game with Legos. You know, instead of organizing the Legos, how about organizing a “mixer” for those Legos?

Think of it as a party. Mix blues with reds. Shutters with windshields. Weapons with bricks. Tires with yellows. Minifigures with trees. Harry Potter with Indiana Jones. (Hmmm, this could be fun!)

Instead of a fancy schmancy Lego organizer, how about a simple $6 clear bin from Target. Brilliant idea! Now your child can dig into the mystery bin. And who knows what he or she will create from the rainbow of colors.

And maybe by letting go of some of the organization and cleaning, you just freed up some Mom time. Win win.

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Can I borrow just a pinch of your Lego organization?????? 😉

Ha! It’s called “put all your Legos in a bucket” and you’re done. See? So easy!

Thanks for your note!

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