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Cloth or disposable? Now there’s a question I haven’t thought about in awhile. Thank GOODNESS. But I recently spent three hours with my very pregnant hairdresser, due with her first baby in three weeks. She had all kinds of questions for me. Questions I could answer with confidence!

I used both cloth and disposable. (Not on ME silly.) My thoughts:

Cloth: Environmentally friendly. But not Mom friendly. My experience with cloth is this. Within two minutes of freshly diapering, pinning, and dressing my baby, the diapers became soaked all over again. And then, when these cloth diapers  are laden with poop and Mom has to scrub them out in a toilet. Then wash and bleach them.

The ginormous stack of cloth diapers in my house? Presto. Turned into a ginormous stack of cleaning rags.

Disposable: Not environmentally friendly. But oh so portable.

Go for it! Give both a try. See what works best for you and your baby.

Two more recommendations: diaper cream is a wonderful invention and the Diaper Genie (disposable diaper storage) is not. Unless you enjoy seeing a five-foot-long-poopy-diaper-filled-plastic-sausage, don’t waste your money.

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