What Does Your Calendar Say About You?


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With all the calendars to choose from. What does your 2012 calendar say about you?

  • Twilight. Pop.
  • Kittens. Sweet.
  • Swimsuit. Sexy.
  • Sports cars. Sporty.
  • Impressionist paintings. Romantic.
  • Betty Boop. Nostalgic.
  • Beach Escapes. Dreamer.

Me? I admit it. I picked the Audubon Society’s 365 Days of Birds. What does that say about me? Bird brain. Crazy bird lady. Oh sheesh.

What did you pick?

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I prefer a weekly planner type that opens up like a book with enough space to jam as many activities into one day as humanly possible while still able to view the entire week at a glance. No other type works for me but if I could, I’d choose the tropical beach paradise one with all the scenes of blue sky and white beaches. One can always dream…

Ah, so you’re a planner. Planning that next trip to the white sand beach! Glad you took time out of your busy schedule to write!


I have a Gruffalo calender / family planner that I instructed my husband on pain of death that I wanted for Xmas…I wonder what that says about me!

I love the Gruffalo book!

Your calendar says you are a fan of tough, bad-ass mice!

Glad you stopped by,

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