A Boy and a Girl on a Hike


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Say what you want about gender differences and gender behavior.

In addition to observing the changing leaves and the migrating birds, I also observed some differences between a girl and a boy on a recent hike:

We see a duck.

  • Girl: Looks for food to feed it.
  • Boy: Looks for a rock to throw at it.

We see a giant toadstool.

  • Girl: Thinks a fairy lives under it.
  • Boy: Wants to kick it.

They pick up sticks.

  • Girl: Hers is a magician’s wand.
  • Boy: His is a dagger.

But I appreciate and embrace their differences. After all, these two little birdies will grow and migrate some day and I want to give them proper wings.

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Yes they are different! I only see what the boys do…

I absolutely loved your comparison of boys and girls so cute and right on! And you are right they do need the proper wings to fly.

Good thing you have them and they have you. Balance is always a good thing.

Thanks for your note!

Thanks you so much for your nice comments! “Roots and wings” are what kids need. What an investment!

Thanks for stopping by,

Yep! Sounds like a very typical comparison! It’s the same over in our world too! #australia

So, your son would throw a rock at a koala? (Comparison: ducks = koalas.) #notexactly

Boys. Girls. Sigh.

Thanks for writing! I haven’t talked to you in ages!

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