Eye-Opener at the Community Pool


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I took my kids to the indoor community pool yesterday. It was eye opening. I saw:

  • More crack than a DEA agent
  • Bodies more doughy than a doughnut shop
  • Sizes resembling Fat Bastard in Austin Powers

I also saw:

  • Hairy men proudly holding bald, laughing babies
  • Old women in swim skirts doing power laps
  • Parents testing out their newly-acquired waterproof cameras on their newly-aquatic infants

What did people think when they took a peek at me–with my unshaven legs (whoopsidaisy) and chipped toenail polish–acting loony as ever? There I was, playing dolphins with my daughter: squeaking and begging for fish. And bolting down the water slide with my youngest son on my fleshy lap. Woohoo!


We were all just people. All sizes and shapes. All ages. All styles. All behaviors. And we were going for it! Exercising. Splashing. Laughing.

Better than the losers simply watching from the viewing deck. Pools are for getting wet. Boo on merely spectating.

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