Are You A Hillbilly Or Is That A Black Bean In Your Teeth?


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Uh, no, today it’s a blueberry. I drink protein-packed blueberry smoothies for breakfast, ya know. Recipe here.

So how about those pesky food particles that get stuck in your teeth? Blueberry skins, black beans, broccoli, spinach… Are you rocking the hillbilly look?

Take my friend Jen (@buriedwithkids and and her recent Tweet:

Nothing like walking around for a couple hours with a big black bean skin in your teeth. #classy #thanksguys

Common courtesy, y’all. Tell a woman (even a stranger) if she has something in her teeth.

Or if her dress is tucked into her tights, exposing her butt.

Or if her lipstick is smudged or her mascara is smeared.

Or if her hair is sticking straight up, giving her that crazed look. (Whoopsidaisy. Maybe that’s just me.)

But for goodness sake, just don’t tell a woman that she looks tired. Chances are, this, she knows.

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Hey Pip….I can see your undies. You’re welcome 😉

All the way from Australia? You silly, they aren’t THAT big. 🙂


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