2012 Resolutions Schmesolutions


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Happy 2012! Got new year’s resolutions? Blah.

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Rid your vices (whatever they may be: smoking, drinking, carb-overloading)

And then, by January 13, all resolutions are broken.

A year ago, I remember vividly resolving in 2011: “Don’t take things so seriously.”

Guess what? Mission accomplished! I…

  • Have laughed so much, I now have a few more lines around the eyes as permanent proof (yikes, more eye cream please)
  • Enjoyed lots of “special little moments” with my family: movie nights, dancing, baking, goofing, camping, talking, playing, reading, hanging. As a result, I now have 3 GB of photos of awesome family memories from 2011.
  • Stopped worrying about work on Sunday nights…I realized that Monday will come soon enough
  • Started up my PeskyPippi.com blog and Twitter account (and whatd’ya know…I found my voice…and a ton of new friends while doing so)
  • Reengaged with my soccer peeps

May 2012 bring more of the same!

Whatever your path/road/freeway, may you enjoy the stroll/run/ride. 🙂

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Great post Pippi!! You’ve actually inspired me to be a more funner Mum! (and to learn my grammar) bx

Love ya Pips!!

Love ya back!


I bet you are pretty damn fun! #Ihavepics


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