Queen of the Roller Rink


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At the roller skating rink, I transform into roller derby Mom. Just check out the Pesky Pippi roller skating cam:

If you’re my child and you tag along for an afternoon of skating, you may hear:

  • You WILL skate for the full three hours.
  • When Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The J. Geils Band Centerfold, or Rick James’ Super Freak is playing, I will not hold your hand. Those songs are for dancing!
  • Let go of the rail! (If you’re skating for the first time, I will make you let go of the rail and balance. This Roller-Skating-Queen did not produce rail-holders.)

And ya know what? After two laps of white-knuckled rail-holding, my youngest son skated on his own.

That goes for life too. No rail-holding. When you give your children wheels, better give them some wings.

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