Jackass = Research for Mothers of Boys


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Jackass movies are hi-freaking-larious

And totally inappropriate. Their inappropriateness is what make them the perfect research for mothers of boys and wives of men.

What is it about the Jackass guys? They are fearless. They are funny. They are self-humiliating. They are physical. They are perennially naked. They don’t give a crap.

They are the ultimate boy men.

Watching makes me cackle, gasp, and gag. All at once.

I mean, who skates down a a hill with belt sander skates? Who does the limbo with an electric-shock bar? Who drives a runaway scooter, disguised as an old man, through city streets? Who dresses his penis in a mouse puppet costume?

Who sits on the toilet on display at the hardware store and takes a poop while reading the newspaper? Visiting the toilet display at Lowes or Home Depot will never be the same.

Oh and the guy strapped inside a porta potty that is sling-shotted? That is probably the grossest thing I have ever witnessed. You gag and kinda throw up in your mouth. And then you kinda never want to visit a porta potty again. But then you do in an emergency and you think of the Jackass guys. Full circle.

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