It’s the Bra, Stupid


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Knock knock. Who’s there? Nice knockers.

Have you been bra shopping in awhile? No? Maybe you should.

Whether you wear t-shirts (my uniform) or sweaters or blouses, a new, good-fitting bra makes a huge, ahem, or medium difference.

I went bra shopping today. They have bras to lift (OK, who doesn’t want lift??), support, enhance, minimize, smooth, push up…you name it.

What a difference! “Apollo 13, we have lift-off!”

Awhile back, I went to the Nordstrom lingerie department and got properly fitted for a bra. It was an embarrassing experience: the clerk tugged, poked, adjusted, squeezed. Nah, she didn’t squeeze. But she did tell me, “You have really nice breast tissue.”

Whoa! Excellent! Now THAT’S something you don’t hear every day. Especially after birthing and breast feeding three children.

Hey Babe, #nicebreasttissue.

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Comments (6)

This post is AWESOME!!!! The bra…is amazing. I hope you feel blessed to have “nice breast tissue!” 😉

Thanks for writing! The cupcake bra might be better suited for me, though, in case I get hungry. 🙂

Breast wishes (hee hee),

Too funny! Bra fittings are excrutiatingly embarrasing, imo. Hard to decide between the cupcakes and the twinkling lights!

SO embarrassing, I know! But what a world of difference. With a proper bra, my post-breastfeeding boobs are elevated and ready to say hi! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

That Chritmas tree lights bra is so practical, you could literally wear it anywhere!!
Love the post!!

Yep, at night, in a cave, at the movies…


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