Could You Cut It As a Pioneer Woman?


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I applaud pioneer women for their bad-assness. They were tough and capable. Could you cut it as a pioneer woman? Go through your list of abilities and incompetencies and see.

Here’s what Pioneer Pippi can do:

  • I can make biscuits and pies from scratch.
  • I can chop wood and start a fire.
  • I can fetch well water.
  • I can teach children how to read.
  • I can beat a rug with a stick.
  • I can make soup and soap.
  • I can can jam.
  • I can milk a cow.
  • I can plant and grow corn.
  • I can rock a bonnet.
  • I can ride a horse and steer a wagon.
  • I can mend a fence.
  • I can negotiate with local tribes.
  • I can barter at the general store.
  • I can think on my toes and deal with any type of disaster: flood, locusts, tornadoes, blizzards, dust storms.
  • I can wash laundry with a washing board.
  • I can go into labor with no pain medicine.
  • I can raise children.

Here’s what City Pippi cannot do:

  • I cannot slaughter a hog.
  • I cannot kill a snake.
  • I cannot chop a chicken’s head off and pluck its feathers.
  • I cannot shoot a gun.
  • I cannot brand cattle.
  • I cannot dig a well.
  • I cannot castrate a bull.
  • I cannot build a barn.
  • I cannot deliver a baby (human or barn animal).
  • I cannot hunt.
  • I cannot knit or crochet or sew. No blankets for us. We’d be wearing togas made out of sheets.

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I did not realize you had experience with locusts and blizzards! I now know who to call if I need help! 🙂

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