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When it comes to Christmas, my mother-in-law rocks. She cares so much about making a fun family Christmas steeped in traditions and memories. Her heart is in the right place. As are her angel collections, nativity sets, and snowy villages.

I have known my mother-in-law for 24 years. When I first went to meet my boyfriend’s parents at Christmas (my now husband), I was welcomed wholeheartedly. She even bought me my own stocking and hung it alongside the rest of the family’s stockings.

Here are a few of my mother-in-law’s traditions that I have adopted and have passed along to my children:

  • Adding Maraschino cherries to fruit salad with chopped apples, oranges, and pineapple. Perfectly yummy and festive for Christmas morning!
  • Making “wreath cookies” out of Corn Flakes. They taste like Rice Krispies treats but better. Oh, and add lots of green food coloring.
  • Buying each child a new ornament every year and writing the year on it. When they move from home, they’ll have their own start of an ornament collection. It’s a very special tradition.

Making others feel special. Now THAT’S a wonderful Christmas tradition to pass along.

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