Take Your Dang Vitamins


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What is UP with my kids hemming and hawing (is that even a saying anymore?) about taking their vitamins.? You’d think I’m forcing them to eat broccoli or Brussels sprouts or my healthy turkey meatloaf. Whoopsidaisy, yeah I do do that.

But a friendly Vitamin D? So pretty, it’s the color of Amber. It is literally the size of a pea. My kids act like they can barely swallow it.

Dude, you take bites of hamburger that are 14x the size of that vitamin.

Oh and then there’s the Vitamin C. These suckers taste so good, they rival any Sour Patch Kid candy.

My youngest will do this trick at breakfast: slip them down the front of his shirt and they go “ping ping ping” on the floor.

I am no dummy.

Do I need to start hiding the vitamins into a spoonful of canned dog food and force feeding, like we do for our dog Lucy?

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