Pass the Cocoa, Not the Judgment


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Today marks the first day I will volunteer in my six-year-old’s classroom this year. I am excited to see him in his element and to help with the last-day-until-Winter-vacation festivities where we will play board games and partake in hot cocoa.

I only seem to volunteer on special occasions and field trips. Why? Because I’m a party girl. There’s that, and:

  1. I work.
  2. I play soccer two mornings a week; my “me time.”
  3. I trust that the teachers are doing their jobs.
  4. I am confident that my children are independent and can handle their classroom time without me overseeing.

I asked my two youngest kids the other day if it was OK if I don’t volunteer in their classrooms much. They both shrugged and said, “It’s OK. Other Moms are there.”

Do I feel guilty? Well, yeah, don’t we all? I volunteered in my oldest son’s classroom A LOT when he was young. He is now 12 and I asked him the other day if he liked when I volunteered so much. He said, “It was kind of embarrassing.”

Enough said. Do we mothers volunteer because the teachers really need us or because we think our kids really need us or because we feel guilty if we aren’t ever-present every second?

Do children really want us ever-present every second? I’m thinking no. Yeah, my kids really need me…at home. During homework time. During reading time. During hang-out time. During just-talking time.

And why is it that mothers need to judge other mothers?

So when this new-faced Mom walks into the first grade classroom with a heartfelt smile, maybe the other mothers can pass the judgment, and simply pass the cocoa.

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As i always say, you are one perfect mother in my eyes, and I love the way you teach them and they all grow up to be such fine kids. You are fun and not overly worried and I think that is really hard to do for most mothers of course that is only my opinion as I am not a mother myself but I see your oldest’s point of view, I would not want my mother in my classroom all the time and to me the whole parents having to volunteer thing get me cuz isnt that supposed to be the teacher’s job anyway? parents are for home, teachers are for school, hello?? =)

What very lovely things to say! Thank you so much!


P.S. Yeah and totally agree: parents need to know when to back off.

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