December is a Patchwork Quilt in our Home


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We have family, local, global, and even extra-terrestrial holiday celebrations in our American home.

  • Aliens and Legos visiting our Nativity scene? All are welcome.
  • Hannukah Harry? We love him.
  • Tree ornaments from Mexico and India? Passport not required.
  • Mr. Hanky? He is a sure-fire hit in our home. We cackle with laughter over this Christmas poo.
  • American classic movies: Christmas Vacation? Elf? A Christmas Story? Check. Check. Check.
  • Mexican wedding cookies? Yep, I make ’em.
  • Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker? Going.
  • Visiting Santa Claus at the mall? On our list.
  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir TV special? Celtic Christmas TV special? Two of my favorites.
  • Paper dreidels brought home from school? Game on.
  • Gingerbread house toppling over with too many gumdrops? Every year.
  • Winter solstice? We celebrate that too.
  • Advent calendar counting down the days of Christmas? It’s 11 days until Christmas, y’all.

In a previous post I wrote about Why Can’t We All Get Along (for the Holidays). It’s your choice. Mix it up. Or not.

We choose to mix it up and the result is a fun-filled, chock-full celebratory December quilt.


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