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From 1976 to 1981, I spent Saturday evenings giddy with excitement over the anticipation of The Muppet Show. Even now when I hear the intro, I am giddy all over again.

One generation later, I purchased the $50 DVD set as a great family present. Do my children love The Muppets as much as I do? Nah, not even close. The Muppets fell flat, like Fozzie Bear’s jokes. My kids weren’t as enthusiastic about their old schoolness, their clever humor, and unique characters that filled my Saturday evenings:

  • Kermit as he freaked out over last-minute disasters
  • Swedish chef cooking up a storm
  • Two old men in the balcony, perennially sarcastic
  • Beaker and his goofy lab accidents
  • Fozzie Bear and his jokes that always fell flat
  • Gonzo and his horn that yielded surprises

Imagine my disappointment! Do The Muppets not translate well in our age of high-end computer graphics?

But then along came the 2011 movie, The Muppets, with a storyline that mirrors my experience: a generation of fans who loved the Muppets as kids, with their children in tow. With the hopes that they, too, will fall in love with these furry, unique, googly-eyed creatures.

You know what? The Muppets’ charisma spoke to my children at our $21 movie date this evening ($35 including snacks). I am hoping we can dust off the DVDs and reinstate Muppet-mania around here.

And just maybe they will heart the Muppets too.

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