“Mom, I Know A Lot About Sex”


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We heart Austin Powers. These two lines are uttered–with giggles–for days on end after watching:

  • “Do I make you horny baby?”
  • “Shall we shag now, or shag later?”

You have to admit, sex is pretty funny. And it shouldn’t be a taboo topic. I wrote about how the birds-and-bees talk should be an everyday talk, not just one awkward conversation. Read that post here.

Just playing Dance Central 2 on Kinect with my kids and we are shaking our junk like nobody’s business.

Just talking about the number “8” and my 6yo son will say it looks like two balls. Not tennis balls, the other balls.

Just watching the TV show Big Bang Theory and chances are, you’ll hear the word sex…or you’ll hear the word coitus if Sheldon and Amy are talking. 🙂

And when my child asks me “Mom, am I sexy?” I exclaim, “You sure are!”

The other night, while I’m making dinner and my young son is drawing, I ask him: “What do YOU think sex is?”

He goes, “It’s when boys and girls kiss when they are naked….with champagne.” (Thank you, James Bond, for that.)


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hahaha! I taught preschool for a few years and had some very interesting opinions in this area offered from time to time…

OOh….I must admit, I DO like a glass of champagne or four *wink wink bx

I would expect nothing less from you…you’re a high roller like 007.


I bet! Children are insightful!

Thanks for stopping by,

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