Got Laundry? Yeah. Loads.


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There’s really no use complaining about laundry. Clothes get dirty. You wash them. You dry them. You fold them.

Or, you don’t fold them for a long time and you see how high a tower you can build out of clean underwear and jeans before it topples over. #goodtimes

See, I’m a glass half-full gal. Instead of getting pissy over the loads and loads of laundry I have to fold, I try to view things a little differently. Go on. See if you can turn this “dirty laundry” problem into a positive. I can:

  1. I am lucky to have an indoor washer and dryer. In my house. Growing up, we went to the Laundromat. It wasn’t so bad. I have fun memories having a “folding party” with my mother. But ya can’t build towers out of unfolded laundry at the Laundromat.
  2. I am fortunate that I have clothes. While they may not be fashionable, they are mine. If you can spot the ugly clothes in the pile below, they are probably mine. 🙂
  3. I have a sweet husband and I really don’t mind doing his laundry. Enough said about that. Sheesh, no getting all sappy on us please.
  4. I have three awesome children–and though it takes an act of courage to put up with the corn-chip-smell of the socks, the art paint permanently stained on my white bath towels, and the splatters of spaghetti sauce on the shirts–I am thankful for them and their piles every day.
  5. Oh and I have a door to the laundry room. And it stays shut. A lot.

Maybe now you won’t just be a glass half-full person, you can now be a laundry bin half-full person.

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