Got Kick-Ass Cookie Recipe?


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Do you have a kick-ass chocolate chip cookie recipe? But is your cookie the best chocolate chip cookie on Earth? We’ll just see about that. 🙂

My buddy Bernie all the way in Australia–check her on Twitter @TheBernieBrand–and I, from the United States of America, are co-hosting a global contest of sorts. No legal fine print, just roll with it.

We are searching out the word’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Barring a taste test, we are evaluating cookies based exclusively on looks. Kinda like a fashion show for chocolate chip cookies.

Email your recipe and photo of your cookie to peskypippi@gmail or message me on Twitter @PeskyPippi. No stock photos: I am no chump. Deadline: Sunday, December 11. I will feature the YOU and your cookie in an upcoming blog. Imagine the bragging rights in your last-minute Christmas letter.

Yeah, quick deadline, but win-win for everyone. Imagine all the baking going on around the globe this weekend.

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