All I Got for Christmas…Was an Orange


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You’d think I was raised in the Great Depression by looking at the contents of my stocking hung at the mantleĀ  at Christmas. All I got in my stocking were oranges and whole walnuts.

Someone must’ve known I needed Vitamin C and heart-health Omega-3 fatty acids back then.

Maybe it was to counter all the sweets I enjoyed at Christmastime:

  1. Divinity–the gooey white marshmallow-like candy
  2. Peanut brittle
  3. Ribbon candy–remember the gorgeous colors? And when your aunt said to take “just one,” you actually took like 7 because they all stuck together?
  4. Gum drops. Ah, gum drops.

Enjoy the simple things this Holidays. And take time to crack some nuts…or crack your tooth on a piece of ribbon candy.

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Comments (4)

Oh I remember the ribbon candy!! My great grandparents always had it in their house year round.

Memories, right?!

Love the ribbon candy. Now that’s a treat that’s prettier than it tastes,

Totally reminds me of Grandma!

Did you get oranges too? I think they are good for curing rickets.

Healthfully yours,

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