I Heart Alice from The Brady Bunch


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I never really liked Carol Brady.

Maybe it was the way she whined, “Miiiii-iiiike.” Or maybe it was because she seemed to take credit for all of Alice’s hard work. Or maybe it simply Carol’s horrible hair styles that were annoying.

It was Alice who was the center of The Brady Bunch family. Even physically, she was the middle tile in the intro. Alice wins “mother of the year” in my book. Here are 12 reasons why:

  1. She was always dependable.
  2. She was a good listener.
  3. She had a great sense of humor.
  4. She was practical and sensible.
  5. She could make a mean chocolate cake.
  6. She knew how to comfort.
  7. She was a great whistler.
  8. She was good at breaking up fights.
  9. She was kind-hearted and always smiling.
  10. The kids confided in her and trusted her.
  11. She was patient and could deal with lame-o Mrs. Brady.
  12. She rocked blue like nobody’s business.

Without Alice, the show would’ve sucked.

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I so agree with 100% on Alice she did not get the credit she so deserved. Love UR Blog!!!

Thanks for reading! It was always Carol, Carol, Carol, but Alice was the best.

Glad you like my blog! 🙂


I TOTALLY agree! Would LOVE to have an “Alice” in my life helping me with my 2 little boys! Where does one find an Alice these days? 😉

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