The “Forever Lazy” Looks Like Teletubbies


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I will never, ever wear a Forever Lazy.

Never mind that the newest trend to hit American TV infomercials, billed as “adult footed pajamas” comes in three gorgeous colors:

  • Hanky Pinky Fuschia
  • Workday Blues
  • Asleep on the Job Gray

Never mind that these are super, soft microfiber polar fleece.

Never mind that you can now wear pajamas in public. At a tailgate party, no less. Will Forever Lazy be available in NFL and college team colors next season?

Never mind that these feature a “zippered hatch,” meaning you can go to the bathroom without dropping your drawers.

Never mind that you can dress like the Teletubbies.

And ya wonder why Americans get pinged for their casual dress?

If ya think I’m pulling your jammied leg and this is a parody on Saturday Night Live, order yourself one today. And if you act now, you’ll receive a second Forever Lazy and the matching footies free.|sm|go|tm&a_aid=011&a_bid=534434b0

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Comments (6)

I just love the commercial on TV and their name – “Forever Lazy!” Why didn’t I think of this? Walmart and Bed/ Bath and Beyond also sells them. I’m getting you a pink one.

They are the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen!
What’s cute on a toddler is not necessarily cute on an adult! (can’t we all just follow that golden rule)?!?

You seriously don’t want to look like a Teletubby? Aw, c’mon.


No, I’m getting YOU one.


I want one in Oops I Pooped My Pants Brown, please. Because I know I’ll never get off the sofa if I dress like a Teletubby.

LOVE it! You really need to join the Forever Lazy marketing/branding team. You’ve got a winner with that one.

High five,

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