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Two pies down, two to go. As in: I have baked two pies so far and have two more to bake. I didn’t EAT two pies already. Silly. That’s for tomorrow!

Pies are so easy to buy. And they are cheap too.

I am no pie snob. I will eat any pie put in front of me.

What compels me to make these suckers from scratch? My Grandmother. She was a good baker and she passed those skills along to me. So, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am baking pies from scratch because I am thankful that I had my Grandmother in my life for so many years and I carry her love inside of me.

And this is why I cut the cold butter into the flour and add ice cold water to make pie crusts. And this is why I fold the corn syrup with the butter and the pecans to make pecan pie. And this is why I search out new recipes for homemade chocolate fudge pie with Oreo crust. Because I want to.

Because even though I can easily buy pies–and I was a little tempted this year–I NEED to make these myself. And fill the kitchen with wonderful smells. And serve my family and guests a little bit of lovin’ from my Grandmother.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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I just watched “Martha Stewart’s Holiday Desserts” and she made a couple of different pies, including step by step instructions on making the crust. She makes several batches of crust at once, and freezes them for when the “pie making urge” strikes.

I’ve never made a pie, but after watching her, I’m tempted…… I’m sure your pies were delish! JUST SAYING!!! 🙂

They WERE delish! And now they are GONE. 🙂

Yeah, I made a bunch of crusts at once. That Martha. She shore is smart.


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