Time to Worry About Butterballs and Cheese Balls, Not Dust Balls


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OK, so it’s two days until Thankgiving. My workload at work is intense. My mother just flew in last night. Enough said.

Time to start freaking out.

But wait. I just gave a bunch of tips for mellowing out over the Holiday. See here for 12 Don’ts When Hosting Thanksgiving. Maybe I should listen to myself.

So yesterday, I was literally running around like a turkey without its head. Rush off to work. Traffic on the way home. House still not in tip-top shape to welcome Mom. (Why as an adult do I still try so hard to please my own mother and mother -in-law? Yikes.)

Here are the three things that didn’t get done and the three simple solutions for each:

  • Ran out of time to give Lucy-the-dog a bath. Solution: lightly spray her with perfume and cover her with a clean blanket.
  • Ran out of time to mop. Mop Schmop. Solution: dim the lights and light the candles. (Maybe squeeze in a Midnight Mopping tonight?)
  • Ran out of time to fold 12 loads of laundry. No joke. 12 loads. Solution: shut the door to the laundry room. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for who you are with and to be thankful for what you have. Not a time to put yourself down for all the crap you didn’t get done. I will try to listen to my own words.

So when you join us at Thanksgiving (even in spirit), please ignore the dust balls and enjoy the cheese balls.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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That’s the spirit! Family is coming to see you, not to inspect your housekeeping! However, easier said than done when your father/ mother in law have a immaculate home and seem to find the joy in scrubbing bathrooms and vacuuming!

I didn’t actually follow my own advice. It was Stress City, Baby.

As usual,

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