What Time is It?


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Fun | Posted on 20-11-2011

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So I bought this beauty of a watch on eBay. Genuine diamonds. Geniune smiley face. Cheerful color. Quiet ticking. A perfect timepiece for Pippi.

And what a deal: I bought it for $15.

Then, after a week, it stopped working.

So, there ya go. I now own a bracelet. That perennially says 7:35.


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Comments (8)

Haha! Classic!! Ya dag 😉

Have you tried popping in a new battery? Love the watch! So happy!

Oh my gosh, I thought you said have I tried pooping out a battery.


I bet you have one just like this, eh Soul Auntie?


ha ha i remember that one!!

See? I purchase quality…all the way!


Oh that is so funny – sounds like you’re a glass half full type of gal! 🙂

I try to be. How about you?

Thanks for writing,

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